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| by Zeina Tawfik

10 Different Ways to Wear a Breton Striped Top

I always love seeing different ways to wear a Breton striped top! Did you know that the Breton striped top is originally inspired by the French sailors' uniform? And that Coco Chanel got inspired by that, creating a nautical collection in 1917? Well, that is what I can call a milestone, because since then, the Breton striped top has been a fashion staple; it technically never goes out of style. The Breton striped top is mostly synonymous with the Parisian chic look, made popular by Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, etc. The infamous marine-inspired top is still a must-have until this day, that's why I'll show you 10 different ways to wear a Breton striped top. You most likely have one in your closet, so it's time to make the most of it.

1. Boyfriend Jeans

You can go with a well fitted Breton striped top, or pick a more relaxed one. The most important styling trick, is to master the way to effortlessly tuck in your top, a half tuck or a front tuck.

2. Skinny Jeans

With skinny jeans. it's better to go for a slightly over-sized Breton striped top, just to balance out your silhouette. Finish off your look with high heels or sneakers, it's your call.

3. Denim Cutoffs

That's a look that's a favorite among street style stars. Earn extra style points by tying a plaid shirt around your waist, it's an easy way to do the mixed prints look without trying so hard.

4. Denim Overalls

If your denim overalls were short or long, try wearing them with a Breton striped top, and don't forget to wear colorful accessories to inject a dose of color to your look.

5. Tailored Shorts

The best way to wear a Breton striped top with tailored shorts, is to fully tuck it in. Make sure that the top is well fitted, and that you don't have too much fabric tucked in to avoid a frumpy look. The key here is to define your waist, so go with a high-waited pair of shorts and ditch ultra short shorts.

6. Printed Skirts

I'm mostly referring here to short/midi printed full skirts. Choose a large print if the stripes on your top are narrow, and go for a small print if the striped on your top are wide. Once again, it's best to fully tuck in your Breton striped top with this look. 

7. Solid Colored Skirts

I treat the Breton striped top just as a basic white t-shirt, meaning, it's a neutral piece of clothing that can be matched with any color. Try pleated skirts, and since it's summer time, pastels would be a great pick.

8. Blazers

For a casual polished look, throw on a blazer over your Breton striped top, you'll instantly feel more refined. Don't be afraid to try on a yellow boyfriend blazer, or even a printed one. The different colors or prints will create an interesting clash in your look.

9. Pantsuits

Weather for the office or not, try updating your pantsuit by wearing it with a Breton striped top instead of your go-to white shirt. For a playful look, try a cropped Breton striped top for a modern take on the pantsuit style.

10. Khakis

Khakis and Breton striped tops are one of the most classic fashion combos, which still works. To avoid an outdated look, make sure your khakis have a modern cut.

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