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Franca Sozzani Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia Talks Designers, Bloggers and Social Media at VFDE 2014

One of the most interesting talks at Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience (VFDE) this year was Franca Sozzani, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia, who discussed the profession of young fashion designers in depth, gave some important insights from her wide experience, not to mention her take on social media and bloggers. Franca Sozzani is a strong believer that fashion is an important medium to reach everybody and be able to talk to them. Everyone defines success differently, but for Franca Sozzani, it’s all about the sales. Read through to know what else she discussed during her talk at VFDE 2014.


1. Supporting young designers isn’t done just through giving them awards no one will remember, but it should be by helping them build a sustainable business. That’s the most important thing!

2. It’s not just about how creative you are as a designer, but how you can turn your creativity into something successful.

3. Fashion is not just art, but it should be what people would actually want to wear.

4. You can be the most creative person, but with bad quality production you will never be a successful designer.

5. In fashion, there are no rules, everybody can do whatever they want, it depends on how much you’re able to do and how gifted you are.

6. Designers should have the urge to work and they need to know that having your own brand is a lot of hard work that comes with tons of responsibility. You have to take risks and sacrifice a lot. It’s not that easy.

7. The fashion industry constantly needs the young talents; new blood. We also need to support them and getting them another moment in the press is not enough. It’s better to give young designers the time to grow without pressuring them by saying, this is the next “Armani” or this is the next “…”.

8. Some designers blame the lack of understanding their creations on other people or the production, but this only means that they’re not actually doing a good job. It’s all a matter of communication.

9. Give designers the time to be ready. In two seasons they are no longer new, but they’re also not established.

10. Some designers are successful without being that creative. It doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it (as a matter of fact they do), because they know how to attract people and create something that’s wearable.

11. It’s important for designers to find the right person who they can rely on to help them grow, and who they can share their vision with. That someone should handle the business side, and the designer takes care of the creative aspects. (Valentino was one of these success stories mentioned that used this method.)

12. When young designers join internationally established fashion houses, they need to keep the DNA of the brand while giving it a modern twist.

13. You cannot call someone a good designer if they don’t have a good vision, and that includes finding a way of how your designs can turn into an actual business.

14. A lot of times when we speak with young designers, they say no I don’t want to accept any compromises, but compromising doesn’t really mean giving up your own style and ideas, but if you want to have investors on board or people investing in you, you have to give them something back.

15. It shouldn’t be the role of the big designers to support the younger ones, because they don’t have the time. The ones who should support them instead are the manufacturers, producers, buyers and entrepreneurs.

16. Fashion schools are very good at learning fashion, but if you’re not gifted then they can’t do anything for you. Schools can help you on how to be technical and how to tell your story and how not to copy, but technically, but to be a creative person is a gift, like a singer or an actor.

17. It helps a lot if you associate a certain brand with a celebrity or style, for example when you think Givenchy, you instantly remember Audrey Hepburn’s black dress.

18. It’s all a matter of using the tools around you efficiently.


1. Most of the bloggers don’t really know what they’re talking about. When I wrote about this issue I said, I’m not against them, I think that there should be a natural selection of the bloggers. You’ll see thousands of bloggers and some of them don’t know anything about fashion and just write whatever they want. They have to be at least a bit reliable.

2. Some of the bloggers’ reviews aren’t that honest as they’re sponsored by the designers, however, others can afford to be more honest as there’s no sponsorship. Generally speaking, a lot of newspapers are still very honest with their reviews.


1. Seeing too much fashion in a short time gives things a sense of monotony. We’re more concentrated on each other, what we wear and which place we sit at during a fashion show than what we actually see during the show. The show now is 7-8 minutes maximum, but during it you tweet or add images on Instagram instead of actually looking at the designs. The designer and their team are working for six months straight to create this collection and it’s a huge responsibility for them because they have a lot of people working with them on it. We really need to respect that!

2. Instagram is a really good tool to connect people if it’s used in the right way, but within the last two years it went too far. We’ve almost seen everyone do everything over there. I just wonder, do people feel so alone that they need to tell us their every step? Or do they feel like this is their way of being connected to others? If the second one is the answer, then I think it’s acceptable.

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