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| by The Fustany Team

Fustany's Playlist: 10 Workout Songs to Boost Energy During Exercise

Music accompanies us everywhere and songs are a universal language of happiness, love, success, travel, separation, sadness, and grief. Our favorite songs follow us wherever we go, on our way to work, at home, when we're traveling, and even at the gas station. That's why we wanted to launch our latest series, Fustany's Playlist...

Well, Ramadan has ended, and so has Eid, and we're all now thinking about losing the holiday weight and getting back to exercise. We all need a little boost in energy and enthusiasm, especially in times like these. Working out can get boring and what better than a workout songs playlist to boost your energy and amp the mood up.

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Check out these 10 Workout Songs we chose for you...

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Since 2017 Dua Lipa has been on top of the charts thanks to her beautiful energy, voice and exciting, modern pop music. In 2019 she came back with a song that I personally consider one of the most energy-boosting songs, Don't Start Now.


A song I was introduced to in 2007 and has become a favorite ever since, is Don't Stop the Music.   Its rhythm makes you want to dance and move with energy, so it is impossible not to encourage you to do your workout. 


As for My Oh My, it's a little different. The secret is in its simple slow rhythm that suddenly changes, gets faster, and excites you. So it's definitely a good friend to the exercise. 

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Do you do boxing? Well, Avril's latest song, Dumb Blonde is the best thing to help you do your workout successfully...


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