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| by Salma Ihab

Aya Elshehaby Will Show You 8 Glamorous Ways To Wear Skirts This Winter

 We all know how cold it gets in the winter, and we tend to layer up until we are unable to move; we will do anything to stay warm. Aside from that, skirts in the winter look very chic, and it's an ideal modest style for a hijabi. If you don't know how to style skirts in winter without looking bulky and is hijab friendly, Aya El Shehaby is here to save us, because her style is just so fashionable and always on trend, so we will try to style skirts like her. Without further ado, Aya Elshehaby will show you 8 glamorous ways to wear skirts this winter.

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Pleated Skirt Styled With a Trench Coat

how to wear skirts for hijab in winter

Trench coats instantly transform your entire outfit into a chic one; pair it with a pleated skirt for double the chicness. Aya El Shehaby went for a monochromatic look and colour blocked with the trench coat and boots, which she styled in a simple yet very chic way. This is a very nice stylish modest look that will work well for a morning look. Remember, less is more; you don't have to wear a lot of colours to look chic. 

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Animal Print Skirt 

how to wear skirts for hijab in winter

We've all heard that wearing animal print instantly gives you an edgy look. So, if you're looking for a bold outfit, go for an animal print skirt like Aya Elshehaby. The key to keeping this outfit edgy and not over-the-top is to stick to two colours only, as Aya did. She stayed with black and white prints of the same colour. So, if you have an animal print skirt and don't know what colours to wear with it, just pair it with two colours that are the same colour as the print.

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A Satin Skirt Paired With a Blazer

how to wear skirts for hijab in winter

A satin skirt and blazer is ideal for a modest work outfit. Patterned satin skirts are more fun for work, and oversized blazers are in this season. Because it's winter, you're probably wondering whether you should wear sneakers or boots. If you want a full Aya El Shehaby-inspired look, go for sneakers; however, if sneakers are not permitted at your workplace, go for boots. 

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A Skirt Paired With a Sweater

how to wear skirts for hijab in winter

Winter is all about sweaters, and if you're wondering if you can wear it with a skirt, the answer is yes! and Aya Elshehaby showed us how to style it in a very stylish way that will undoubtedly keep you warm. Choose a brightly coloured skirt for a bold look and pair it with a sweater. Don't forget about the belt to add a little spice to the outfit without making you look bulky. Wear boots to complete your look and keep you warm. This look is great for a night out because it is bold and the coloured skirt will definitely make you stand out.  

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Skirt Paired With a Satin Top 

how to wear skirts for hijab in winter

If you're going on a date or somewhere where you need to be dressed nicely but don't know what to wear. We'll return to the two-color rule and keep it simple with a pleated skirt and a satin blouse; this outfit is simple, but the two-color rule plays a significant role in it. Aya paired the black skirt with a fuchsia top, which instantly gave her a glamorous yet modest look due to the colour combination. So, if you get lost, remember the two-color rule. 

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A Skirt Paired With Sneakers

how to wear skirts for hijab in winter

If you're a huge fan of sneakers, like me, or don't like wearing boots, and you're always wondering if you can wear skirts and sneakers together, the answer is yes! This look is very casual, and if you're wondering if you can wear it to work, the answer is yes, if you wear a blazer. Aya El Shehaby shows us how to style a skirt with side fringes in a way that is chic and not over the top, and of course, wearing it with sneakers is a huge plus.

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Leather Skirts 

how to wear skirts for hijab in winter

We all know that leather is always in style and will never go out of style. Take Aya Elshehaby as inspiration for a new way to style your leather skirt; she went for a monochromatic look, and for the ladies who don't like to wear boots, she wore opaque stockings and paired it with nice looking chunky platforms because chunky shoes are very in. To finish, she color blocked with a grey coat and, of course, a belt to accentuate your waist while not making the clothes appear bulky. We all know that leather gives an instant edgy look, making it ideal for a night out.

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A Skirt Paired With an Oversized Denim Shirt

how to wear skirts for hijab in winter

Denim goes with everything and is a wardrobe must-have. If you want to wear your oversized denim shirt in a modest hijab but don't know how, take a look at how Aya El Shehaby did it. Get your wrap skirt that you don't know how to style because we'll need it for this look. Look at the colours and remember the two colour rule, but this time we're going to colour block with a denim oversized shirt like Aya. If the skirt is too short, wear long boots or an opaque stocking with your boots to ensure that nothing shows from you and that it is hijab friendly.

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