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| by Salma Ihab

Learn How to Wear Leather Skirts With Hijab Inspired by Bloggers

The leather skirt is a timeless fashion trend. A fantastic winter piece that will take your outfits to the next level. If you're unsure how to wear a leather skirt, these stylish hijab bloggers will show you how. Here's everything you need to know to learn how to wear leather skirts with hijab inspired by bloggers.

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Wear Your Skirt With a Brightly Colored Sweater

Leather Skirts With Hijab Inspired by Bloggers

Main Image Credits: Instagram @summeralbarcha, @ayafwzy

We all know that winter clothes can be all dark colors, but to break up the monotony, pair your black leather skirt with a bright colored sweater, such as yellow or blue. This look is very simple yet elegant, and it will work well for both a morning and a nighttime look, depending on how you style your accessories. 

Go For a Monochromatic Look

Leather Skirts With Hijab Inspired by Bloggers

Image Credits: Instagram @medinam.g, @olaabdelhamid

I always believe that if you run out of ideas for how to style a specific item, just look at what color it is and then wear everything in the same shade of the item. So, if you have a leather skirt and are unsure how to style it, go for a monochromatic look like the first image or wear two colors, such as beige and brown, as shown in the second image.

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Wear a Belt With Your Leather Skirt 

Leather Skirts With Hijab Inspired by Bloggers

Image Credits: Instagram @faty_ma98/@nourr.hoda

If you pulled out your leather skirt and planned a nice outfit, but when it came time to wear it, you felt like something was missing, it's most likely the belt. You can wear a belt that is a little too big to cover the waistband or a thin belt like the one in the second image. Belts, in my opinion, look great with high-waisted leather skirts because they help to accentuate your beautiful waist.

Make Your Outfit Stand Out With Some Pattern

Leather Skirts With Hijab Inspired by Bloggers

Image Credits: Instagram @edanur_gz@ayafwzy

If you think your outfit is too plain, try adding some pattern to it, as shown in the first image. You can go for a monochromatic look and pair it with a printed houndstooth jacket, which is a timeless print. Alternatively, as shown in the second image, you can go for a striped sweater, which will take your outfit from plain to fun.

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A Leather Skirt Paired With a Coat

Leather Skirts With Hijab Inspired by Bloggers

Image Credits: Instagram @elifd0gan

If you're wondering if you can wear your favorite coat with your leather skirt, the answer is yes. You can, in fact, do so. The length of your coat is very important in your overall look; choose a coat that is midi or long, but not longer than your leather skirt, because a coat that is longer than your skirt will make you look shorter; it is best in an outfit to have different lengths to elongate your look. You can choose a patterned coat like the first image or a trench coat like the second image.

Leather Skirts To Flatter Your Figure

Leather Skirts With Hijab Inspired by Bloggers

Image Credits: Instagram  @summeralbarcha@elifd0gan

Make sure the leather skirt you choose flatters your figure. What exactly do I mean? Let me explain: if you have a pear or an apple body shape, your lower half is either larger than your top half, or you have a belly you want to conceal and want to create a nice balance by wearing a-line skirt. If you have a rectangle or an inverted triangle body shape, you either don't have a defined waist or your upper half is larger than your lower half, and a straight fit will create a nice balance.

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Leather skirt for hijab evening outfits

Leather Skirts With Hijab Inspired by Bloggers

Leather skirts are ideal for formal and evening wear. That is why, for formal evening events, a midi straight or pleated leather skirt is ideal. For a cool modern look, pair it with heeled sandals or knee-high boots.

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