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| by Nancy Hennes

DOs and DON'Ts - Slouchy and Distressed

Two women hailing a cab on a typical New York day, but giving off very different vibes. One of them, looked very stylish and unique, the other looked like she didn’t know which style she was heading for.

Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted on the streets of New York just after she dropped her kids to school. She looked fabulous sporting Paige Lydia Jeans in a slouchy fit with a simple striped shirt and made a statement with an amazing metallic leather jacket and buckled suede ankle boots. I always thought Sarah Jessica Parker had her own style, ever since her Sex and the City days, and here she proves me right. She looked comfortable, confident and stylish with clothes that fit a typical mom running errands for her family. DO go for slouchy fitted jeans but make sure to match it with a catchy top that represents your own unique style.

Amanda Bynes was also seen on the streets of New York trying to hail a cab, but I had a hard time finding out the look she was going for! She stacked up too many styles that didn’t seem to match at all, her neon yellow heels looked awesome, but they didn’t seem suitable for running around. Did I mention they were a big no no with her golden Louis Vuitton tote and leopard print top under a simple sweatshirt with extremely distressed jeans? That was just too much for a look. I think if she had picked one of these items and kept the rest of the outfit simple, she would have looked so much better. Amanda Bynes evolved from her innocent look back in the day to a confused messy style. DON’T wear too many styles at the same time, if you go for jeans that are too distressed, make sure to let them do the statement.

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