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| by The Fustany Team

8 Boots Trends for Fall Winter 2020 from the Streets of Fashion Week

I mean who doesn't bite their nails waiting for fall and winter so they can get their boots out. The winter boot trends for 2020 are making us ache for the chilly weather even more. Boots trends come and go but this year things have gotten really interesting with some cool come backs and some interesting takes on classic boots. 

Knee High Boots Trend


I know so many of you love these but struggle with styling them, with anything besides skinny jeans. However, take this mid-weather opportunity and try them on bare legs with short dresses and coats.

Leather Rain Boots Trend


If rain boots and combat boots had a baby, you'd get these beautiful boots, and they were all over the streets at fashion week. Street style stars strutted in them and showed us in the picture above, the many different ways you can wear them.

Victorian Lace Boots Trend


Yes. Lace, actual lace. Boots with long dramatic lace ups are  in. Not just that, Victorian style boots are really popular. Think squared toes, angular heels and most importantly laces!

Animal Print Boots Trend


Who doesn't love a good animal print and now they're on boots and they've never looked better. I think this year, it's not about a specific print, don't limit yourself and pick the one you think will go with most of your wardrobe and style. 

Combat Boots Trend


2013 me would be jumping up and down in joy right now. Combat boots had their time around 2013 and 2014. They're back and no one's complaining because they're easy to wear, perfect for winter and their love child with rain boots are to die for. 

Cowboy Boots Trend


I think this is one of the most under-appreciated fashion pieces of the century and maybe because it's such a hit or miss. It's a bit hard to find the perfect cowboy boots but this year, from what I've seen from street style trends, they're looking really chic and edgy. Check them out in stores. 

Loose/Slouchy Boots Trend


I think this was the most common winter boot trend that we saw this season. These boots are cool because they look slouchy and effortless but highlight the beauty of the color and material of the boot, wether leather or suede. 

Leather Sock Boots Trend


Leather boots, but really really really tight so that it almost feels like socks. Sound painful? Maybe it is, but come on, how sexy do these look? Sock boots are not a new trend, but leather sock boots, in my humble opinion, are 10x better and I think will last longer as a boots trend. 

Main Image Credits: Asaf Liberfroind Via Instagram @thestreetvibe

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