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| by Jasmine Kamal

Winter 2019: Faux Fur Head-Wear Is the Real 'Thing' This Year

In winter, we strive to achieve both warmth and elegance at the same time. Whether you are a head wear person or not, you're going to love this trend for the diverse styles it offers to satisfy almost every fashion taste. Faux fur head-wear is so trendy this winter, and here are the most fashionable ones that will keep you effortlessly warm and in style.

1. Faux-Chinchilla-Fur Hat

This type of fur is the top trending type. It is so unique with how soft and fine which makes this head-wear so smooth on your hair. It's so classy and so efficient at the same time. What's also so lovely about this piece is that it usually has gradient colors, so you can match it with more than one color.


2. Faux-Fox-Fur Bandana

Who would have thought that a bandana could ever come in a furry fabric one day? Well, this is reality now. Furry bandanas that look like faux fox fur are so trendy this season. This style is more common in vivid colors such as red and mustard yellow.


3. Faux-Rabbit Fur Head-Piece

This one has more than one benefit. Apart from the fact that it's the most budget-friendly of all, it also has a unique texture which makes it stand out among all other furry hats. Its texture is naturally ribbed or let me say, stripped. This pieces is best known for its pale pastel colors such as rose powder, mint green or beige. This one can also come in a turban-like shape.


Main image credits: carriebradshawlied.com

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