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| by Zeina Tawfik

See the 3 Types of Tights You Need to Try This Winter for a Stylish Look

We're almost midway through winter, and you probably got bored of your go-to black opaque tight. You wear it here and there, and you team it with your sweater dresses and mini skirts, and you just can't take it anymore! I feel you. So, I thought of opening up your eyes to other options. Scroll down and see these 3 types of tights you can try this winter, instead of your black opaque tights.

1. Polka Dot Tights

Black Tights - Pokla dot tights - types of tights - tights for women

2. Fishnet Tights

Black Tights - fishnet tights - types of tights - tights for women

3. Colored Opaque Tights

colored opaque tights - types of tights - tights for women

Now make sure to scroll down once again, and you'll see how you can style these tights with your winter outfits.

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