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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Okhtein Launches the Weaving Waves 2015 Collection

Okhtein, the label established by the two sisters Aya and Mounaz AbdelRaouf, just released their Spring Summer 2015 collection, and it's just so breezy. Inspired by their home country, Egypt, and its unique cultural celebration of summertime, Okhtein's newest collection was named "Weaving Waves."

What is special about Okhtein's Weaving Waves 2015 collection, is that it was a collaboration between the emerging brand, and three Egyptian non-profit organizations. Okhtein are aiming to promote and support artisans within Egypt, and they work closely with highly skilled craftswomen.

Okhtein's beach-inspired collection, Weaving Waves, includes a variety of bags, from clutches to tote bags, and the colors are definitely a reflection of the scenery at the Egyptian shores. With handwoven straw, intertwined with leather, fabric and colorful embroidery, they're definitely the kind of bags that will add the perfect vibrant pop to your summer look.

You shouldn't miss owning a piece from Okhtein's Weaving Waves 2015 collection; it's a must-have for your summer getaway. So, scroll down and browse through Okhtein's Weaving Waves 2015 collection.

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