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Fashion Header image must have sarves for the winter main

| by Nada Allam

Must Have Fall Scarves

You know it's chilly, when you find yourself reaching for a scarf as you head out the door. A scarf is so much more than an accessory to me, it's the warmest accessory out there. I always say, never underestimate the effect a scarf could do to your outfit, and your body temperature. I have rounded up a collection of scarves, and at least one of these should be on your wish list this fall. If you are looking for flare and stylish then go for one like the Kenzo, its silk touch will make you feel like royalty for a night. However, if you are more like me, and tend to freeze a lot, then definitely go for something like the Michael Michael Kors rabbit scarf. Ultimately whatever you choose, make sure you own a splashing blue scarf, like the classic Forever 21 and a leopard print one this winter, they are statement accessories to whip your whole outfit into funky. Have a looksy now…

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