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| by Nada Allam

A Watch for Every Occasion

I used to think a watch is an accessory that was just not needed, especially when you have a phone with you to always tell you the time. However, the truth is, there is a watch for every occasion, and I would be crazy not to stack up my bracelets with a watch. Whether you are going for a quick workout, hanging with your friends, going to a meeting or even going to a wedding, there is a watch for every occasion. You just need to be able to pick the right watch, accessorize around it correctly and you'll be good to go. Although sometimes some watches don't need any accessorizing, like my below Kate Spade pick, which makes a statement on its own.

So, check out the collection of watches I picked for you, ranging from Swatch, all the way to Cartier, just pick the watch you want to wear for your next occasion.

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