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This Is Exactly What I Went Through, Until I Decided to Try Eyebrow Microblading!

Odds are you've probably faced a beauty dilemma related to your eyebrows at some point in your life! From growing them out to filling them in and shaping them right, the struggle is real. For those who can relate, you will find this real experience by Rana Kortam very interesting. Rana is an Egyptian young lady who'll share with us her trials and tribulations with her very own eyebrows, and what lead her to try microblading.

Bottom line: my eyebrows were a ruin! Following years of horrific tweezing, ever searching for that one perfect technician, and a disastrous, faded tattoo that turned red over the years, I had given up on my eyebrows. They no longer had any hint of symmetry, and their sexy, natural arches have become a shapeless mess. They were not centered around the axis of my face; one eyebrow was longer than the other, and finally, more visibly and much harder to correct, one eyebrow sat much higher than its counterpart, giving me a resting "not impressed" face.

That meant that I had to allocate time every morning to try and make them look decent (try being the key word here). To ease the process, I did laser hair removal in the area around my eyebrows so I no longer needed threading every week, and I would just use a tiny eyebrow razor along with a pair of scissors to trim them every few days, before applying makeup.

I bought every eyebrow product that anyone swore by, every holy grail for shapeless brows: that Anastasia Beverly Hill powder, this Sephora brush, that Benefit gel, Make Up For Ever's tube that was always out of stock, that MAC powder pencil for quick fixes. I own them all. It became the bane of my existence.

Summers became my worst enemy: sea water and sweat would wash my face clean to my resting "not impressed" state - which was sometimes useful to be honest, but not always.

I had sworn never to get another tattoo seeing how my first ended up. Being allergic to PPD, henna was not an option for me either. I had resorted myself to a lifetime of applying makeup, and focused my efforts on finding the best and quickest product. And this is when a friend introduced me to the world of microblading. The very idea of waking up with perfect, natural looking eyebrows was beyond belief for me.

Microblading is much better than tattoos because:

It looks much more natural: it is drawn stroke by stroke to resemble eyebrow hair. It sits in a higher layer of the skin than tattoos, making it less likely to scar. And, the aftercare is much less dramatic.

I booked my appointment.

Pre-appointment: In some cases, artists are unable to work over an old tattoo. They will either need a photo of it or they need to inspect it in person before making a verdict.

I sent a photo of my tattoo to Nathalie Azar, my microblading artist. She confirmed that we will be able to do microblading over it. She advised me to minimize my sun exposure, and to apply lots of sunscreen in the days leading up to it.

Onsite experience and procedure: I arrive at her home office/parlor to a very courteous, welcoming smile. A detailed explanation of the process ensued, followed by signing a meticulous, super professional consent form.

The correct way to do it is to map the geometry of the face to ensure symmetry. There are special tools and an app for this. Your artist should discuss the shape with you, and draw an outline for both brows based on the app. It is not a freehand drawing, and should not be. The color must match your natural eyebrow hair color, as the result will look like actual hairs.

My artist preferred doing the first round of strokes without anesthesia for longer-lasting results. It is uncomfortable, but not too painful. It does not hurt more than tattoo needles or tweezing/threading. Ask for breathers in the middle if you need. The artist would then apply anesthetic, and you would no longer feel a thing. There should be three rounds of strokes in total, with dye applied in between.

The results were stunning for me. I had eyebrows! They were symmetrical by geometry, and perfect! They looked very similar to my pre-war eyebrows and made me feel great.

Aftercare: Arguably, just as important for the end game as the procedure itself! In short, you should wash your face repeatedly with a mild cleanser on the day of, then not allow any water or beauty products near your eyebrows for a week after. You need to cleanse the area with alcohol swabs, and apply Vaseline twice a day. If you take proper care of it, you will not experience much peeling if at all. I didn't.

Most people need a retouch session after four weeks. In my case, the size shrank a little (which was accounted for), and the color faded about 15% during the second week, but is slowly coming back as I enter the third week.

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