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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

I Changed the Way I File My Nails, and I Got So Surprised by the Result!

I've been filing my nails wrong my whole life, and this impacted the way my hands look, and made me feel like I have the most brittle nails ever. I do have weak nails, but I didn't realize the power of nail shapes, until I changed the way I file them, and I got so surprised by the result.


Square nails were a huge trend a few years ago, and everyone was filing them that way, and I followed the trend. However, they used to break all the time. So, I made them shorter, but still they broke, and they looked brittle too. And that's when I decided that long nails were not meant for me.

The Advice:

I was once at the nail salon, chatting with my the nail technician, whining about how horrible my nails are, and my life changed after what she said. She told me that square nails actually tend to break easier, because of their rough edges. Also, straight-lined nails highlight any weakness in your nails.

She advised me to start filing my nails in an oval shape instead. She also advised me to file my nails regularly, and to keep them in a medium length, which is not too short, and not too long. 


After I followed her advice, my nails' health completely changed. Besides, I discovered that oval nails are the perfect shape for my hands. They stopped breaking, and they started looking stronger. I also apply natural oils now, to make them shine in natural way.

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