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| by Sara Khalil

How to Pick Your Nail Polish According to Your Outfit

Have you ever considered picking your nail polish according to your outfit? Now I don’t mean to tell you to go matchy matchy, as in green nails and green top. However, I am going to tell you how to pick nail polish colors that can work well with most, if not all of your outfits, in one way or another. So, whatever the color of your outfit, there is a way to pick your nail polish according to it.

1. Don’t be afraid to color block with your nail polish. 

The best way to match your nail polish to your outfit, is to color block. There are colors such as blue and yellow, red and green, etc. that have huge contrast, but when paired together they actually look fabulous. 

2. Are your clothes plain or printed?

Picking out your nail polish according to your outfit, depends a lot on the type of your clothes. If the majority of your clothes are printed, stay away from colorful nail art. In fact, go for one color tone, and make sure that it matches your outfit and does not contrast with it.  However if you are more of a simple kind of gal, feel free to experiment with your nails. 

3. Match your nail polish with your accessories. 

A great way to make sure your nail polish matches with your outfit, is to make sure it matches with your accessories. For example, if you are wearing a gold statement necklace, feel free to go for a gold shade of nail polish. You can also try to match your nails with the color of your bag, to create a balance between your outfit, and your nail polish. 

4. The basic nail polish colors. 

In the cases where you are unsure of how to match your nail polish to your outfit, always stick to the basic and practical nail polishes. For example the nudes, the pale pinks, the french manicure etc… These basic nail polish colors will match with any type of outfit that you sport. 

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