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| by Nada Allam

Two-in-One Makeup Products

Ladies, when I let you in on the list of two-in-one makeup products, you will never stop using your mini bags I am one of those people who cannot leave the house without my makeup pouch, after all you just never know how will the day take you. However, when I 'm carrying a clutch, I 'm forced to leave my makeup pouch behind, until I discovered the hidden secret, the two-in-one makeup products. 


Sure they give that pop of color to your lips, but lipsticks are a two-in-one makeup product. Lipstick can also be used as a cream blush. So if you love the shade of color of your lipstick, or feel like matching your cheeks with your lips then just use it. Using your finger, pat the top part of your lipstick gently until there is enough color on your finger and dab it onto your cheeks. 


Believe it or not, eye-shadow is not just for coloring your eyelids for fancy occasions, it is also a makeup product that can be use in two different ways. Since most eye-shadows come in palettes with several colors, you can use your favorite color as an eyeliner. Use a thin brush, dip it into the powder, and slowly drag the brush across your eyelid, or under your eye. You can make your very own color of eyeliner, ever tried mixing the brown and the gold eye-shadows? 


Don't throw out your mascara once it's finished, save it for your eye brows. Just be sure to wash off any remains of color from the brush using a good makeup remover, and you can use the brush for your brows. The mascara brush is a perfect way to shape your eye brows and make them look fuller. 

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