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| by Nada Allam

Makeup Dos & Don'ts for a Job Interview

When heading in for a job interview, you need to look the part. You need to look professional, but not dull, and most importantly, you need to be yourself and reflect your personality. Here are a few tips to take into consideration when doing your makeup for a job interview.

1. Less is more

You are not heading out to a party, so ditch the eye shadow and the red lipstick. Subtleness is key, you want to look fresh faced, but not too dull. Go for a face mask the night before to give your skin a natural glow.

2. Focus on the eyes

In an interview, you are spending the entire time maintaining a fixed eye contact. The eyes say a lot, and a winged eye liner above the eye says that you spent quite some time in front of the mirror in the morning. Go for some mascara, it will outline your upper eye lid, and give your lashes a subtle curl to make them look bright. If you are going to use kohl on your water line, make sure it is water proof, smudginess is very unprofessional. 

3. No apple cheeks

Apply a little bit of blush to give your cheeks some color. It will make you look healthy and fresh. A couple of dabs of cream blush should do the trick.

4. Ditch the lipstick

Nowadays the lips have a various amount of products you can use. Go for a simple lip shiner, it will give your lips a light pink color, but make sure your lips don't look glossy. You can always just go for some tinted chap-stick for that needed pop of color on your face. 

5. Give your eyebrows some extra attention

Of course make sure your eyebrows are groomed and brushed neatly. You can use some eyebrow gel to set them in place.

6. Foundation if you must

Use foundation only if needed to hide blemishes or even out your skin tone. Other than that, just moisturize your face with some morning cream to look fresh.

7. Manicured nails are a necessity

A woman with manicured nails says that she takes care of herself and pays attention to detail. Avoid popping colors, go for light pinks or even just a transparent shine.

8. Skip the Chanel No.5

Even if it is your signature scent, you don't want to be remembered because of the strong scent you left in the office. Go for something fresh and light, I would recommend using a nice shower gel and body cream, it should last you for at least half a day.

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