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| by Nada Allam

Four Annoying Makeup Problems and How to Fix Them

Every woman might face a difficult situation when applying makeup, right? So, I decided to share with you four annoying makeup problems and how to fix them. There are countless makeup hacks out there, so when applying makeup, if things don't go right, don't worry there is always a fix.

1. Uneven eyeliner.

The problem: This has got to be the most annoying makeup problem out there. That moment when you draw your eyes, only to realize that the eyeliner is uneven.

The fix: There are two solutions for this annoying makeup problem.

1. The tape trick! This makeup trick is truly a life saver, apply tape to both eyelids, in the exact same angle, towards the ends of your eyebrows. That way, you can draw your eyes by simply tracing the tape.

2. If you have already drawn your eyes, use a cotton swabs dipped in makeup remover, to shape the eyeliner to even them out.

2. Mascara on your eyelids.

The problem: Another annoying makeup problem, is when you apply mascara, and it leaves marks all over your eyelids. Tacky!

The fix: You can do one of two things. Firstly, invest in loads of pointy cotton swabs so you can remove any mascara marks with makeup remover after applying. OR, place a spoon or a card behind your eyelashes when applying mascara.  That way, if you leave any marks, they will land on the card instead of your eyelid, the spoon will also give your eyelashes that extra curling.

3. Lipstick on your teeth.

The problem: You flash a smile for the pictures, and you find lipstick all over your teeth. 

The fix: After applying lipstick, do the finger trick. Place your index finger in your mouth, then pull it out. It will remove any excess lipstick on on your teeth.

4. Eyeshadow fades away.

The problem: You do the smokey eye look, only to notice that by the end of the night, most of it has faded away. 

The fix: Use an eyeshadow primer before applying eyeshadow to your eyelids. This will make sure that your eyeshadow lasts much longer. 

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