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| by Dalia Hosny

All About Makeup Sealers

Here's the trick to having an all day fresh makeup look, it comes in a tiny spray bottle that can do magic to your makeup, it's the makeup sealer. Most makeup sealers control grease and keep away sweat under moist weather and conditions. Since makeup sealers are meant to prevent your makeup from smudging, so it should come as the very last step of your makeup routine. Put it lastly after you've applied everything.

Always spritz a little amount of makeup sealer that is enough to cover your face but doesn't leave it shiny and coated with much spray on. While spritzing, make sure to place your hands few inches away. The strongest makeup sealer type is the alcohol/acrylic. This kind of makeup sealer doesn't need re-application, its coat is thin and can also stay all day long as it doesn't get greasy or absorbed by your skin. If you want your make up to last for long in a humid weather, then an alcoholic matte sealer should be your pick. Would you want to try it on? Here are some recommendations to the best makeup sealers...

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