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| by Nada Allam

10 Small Changes That Can Make a Big Difference for a Healthy Lifestyle

We often lose track of the current cycle we have been living in. Our work or whatever else we do, usually gets the best of us. We lose track of the time we spend at work, we don't sleep enough, and we go from having three proper meals a day, to one mediocre meal. We start off by saying it's just a stressful period, however a month or so goes by as you realize how drained and tired you are. You lack energy and immune system get more fragile, making you an easy target for the viruses roaming around. There are small health changes that can make a big difference. It takes the smallest things to enhance your health from your physical health to your mood and mental health. few adjustments you should make in your life that will go a long way for you in the present and down the road. 

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The smallest tips for a healthy lifestyle:

1. Lack of sleep

A person should sleep approximately 8-10 hours per night. I know that 10 hours does seem impossible. By the time we are done with work and personal errands for the day, it's usually around 9pm. With the awesome episodes that have been airing lately, we like to relax on the couch and watch something before we sleep. However, try to save that late night TV time for the weekend when you have more free time. Think about it, when you don't sleep enough, you wake up sleepy, craving A LOT of coffee or some energy drinks which aren't at the top of your healthy list.

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Note: It's important that you know that the lack of sleep is the core of all what lies ahead in your healthy regiment. 

2. Read before bed instead of staying phone

Another thing that can help with your sleep is giving your phone's blue light a no. And picking up a book instead to help you fall asleep. We know a lot of people struggle with just going to bed without watching anything. They need something to help them fall asleep and relax before bed. Reading a page or 2 will be a lot healthier and better for your sleep. And you'll get to slowly to start to finish all these books you never read. 

3. A healthy breakfast

There is a reason why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As it is the first thing that enters your mouth, you better make sure it's healthy. It starts up your metabolism, giving you that needed boost of energy and keeping you full and satisfied until mid-day. Studies show that people who have healthy breakfasts, are unlikely to resort to unhealthy snacks throughout the day. Remember if you sleep well at night, you will be able to wake up early and prepare yourself a healthy breakfast. It is much more effective than skipping breakfast or loading up on sugary snacks.

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4. Snack healthy

If you feel like having snack during the day, make sure you pack yourself a healthy delicious snack. I know salad seems like the most boring unfulfilling snack out there, so make sure you go creative. Firstly, increase the portion quantities, make sure to spice it up with a homemade salad dressing. Apple vinegar and basil do wonders in making food delicious. Also be sure to sip on some smoothies, they are ice cold sweet delicious drinks that will keep you full for some time. Be sure to check out how to make your very own Watermelon Smoothie. 

5. Have more veggies throughout the week 

You can still have your protein sources from many other alternatives than meat. Try to substitute once or twice a week meat with veggies. There's a misconception that vegetarian meals are boring, when there are actually endless yummy ways you can enjoy veggies and feel full and satisfied. 

Here are some examples.

6. Work on your stress

I know it's extremely hard to completely eliminate your stress, with the world we live in, however reducing it is possible. With a good sleep cycle and healthy eating habits, you should have no problem inserting exercise in your daily life. Make sure to free at least one hour of your day for a quick exercise and stress relief session. Studies have shown that physical activity pumps your body with endorphins, making you feel happier. It doesn't stop there, while exercising for even half an hour, you will find that for those consecutive 30 minutes you forgot about the day's irritations. 

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Note: Regular exercise can also help improve your sleep, which will also help reduce stress and again enhance your entire daily cycle. 

7. Take 10 minutes a day to just breathe

Your mental health is just as crucial as your physical health. Mediation is a word that many people struggle with. However, maybe try to see it differently. Take 10 or 15, or as long as you can, minutes out of your day to just focus on your breathing. It can make a world of a difference. Here's an example of a breathing exercise. 

8. Journal

Try to write in a journal, or even your notes on your phone for a couple of minutes a day, letting all your feelings out, talking about events that stood out for you or even the dream you had last night. This is a very healthy way to deal better with your problems, stress and emotions and feel less heavy at the end of the day. 

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9. Go for a walk 

It doesn't have to be more than 20 minutes or so. Just a quick stroll, moving your body, and getting out of the house will do you so much good mentally and physically. 

10. Sit in the sun

Get a little sun to touch your skin everyday for a couple of minutes. Even if it's just next to your window. The sun can do miracles. Get a daily dose of vitamin D, but of course don't forget your sun screen. 

"To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life." - William Londen

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