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| by Jasmine Kamal

For Ages 15-19: How to Tighten the Stomach and Belly

A lot of girls, women and men are looking for ways to lose stomach fat and get a flat stomach. However, age makes a big difference when it comes to the techniques that work for tightening the stomach area because our bodies change and so do their needs at every stage we go through. So, today we're talking about how to tighten the stomach for teenagers and the simplest lifestyle changes that can make a difference. 

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How to tighten stomach for teenagers:

NOTE! Always remember that there is no perfect body shape, beauty standards are messed up and there is absolutely nothing wrong with belly fat. It does not affect your beauty and it's not something you should be worried about all the time. Your mental health is much more important that anything else. We're all different with different body types and our differences are what make us beautiful. However, if it something you wish to work on, this is for your health first and foremost before appearance or anything else. Your confidence is what makes you beautiful, not your weight.

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1. Persistence, determination and patience

Yes, these words are always the first step in helping with any change you want to see, really. These 3 things will help you stay in control and be patient because you might not see change overnight. Things are always gradual and it could take a couple of months to see a difference. Of course, it is okay to feel the urge to stop from time to time, but try to remind yourself to stay grounded and follow what you want as long as it's in healthy way, physically and mentally. Never be too harsh on yourself or negative, enjoy and trust the process. 

2. Accept the changes

We all know someone who wanted to lose some weight or tone their body, but wouldn't see any development for years because they weren't able to accept the changes in their lifestyle to help with that. It is important to try and accept and love the new lifestyle changes you're incorporating, and if you don't like them and they're making your unhappy, unsatisfied and miserable, then throw them out. Find something else that works, while also making you happy. Change will always be hard in the beginning, so try to find something that you can accept and enjoy having in your life.

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3. Healthy meal plans

The words diet and meal plans sounds scary to a lot of people, because it is often perceived as giving up everything you love to eat. Which is not true at all and you should have to give up what you love, it is always important to enjoy your food and enjoy what you love. It is just about limiting the stuff that aren't good for the body and increasing the things that are. You're also still young and your body is more accepting to change you. So, you don't have to deprive yourself of everything. You can just make some simple changes to your diet.

1. Lower the sugar that you put in your drinks gradually, one spoon is good. And if you're able to not have any sugar your drinks that's great as well.

2. Avoid adding salt. There is no need to add more salt to your food or have a lot of salty food in general. It helps to store water inside your body, which can cause puffiness and the stomach to look bigger.

3. Try to reduce fat intake. I know this is can be difficult, but if you do it gradually it can make a lot of difference.

4. Eat a lot of vegetables. Vegetables improve digestion and help build muscle.

5. Whenever you can, replace fried food with grilled or boiled.

6. Eat more protein, whether its plant based or not, than carbs.

7. Cut down on carbs. For example, instead of 5 tablespoons of rice, gradually reduce them to 3.

8. Never skip breakfast. And as much as you can try to make it nutritious and healthy. 

9. A delicious, healthy, filling dinner can helps as well.

10. Finally, divide your meals. Instead of 3 big meals, make them 6 smaller ones throughout the day.

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4. Drink enough water

Water can be really powerful to the body. Every time I train, they ask me to drink more water. Some even tell me that I won't be able to see any changes with my stomach unless I start drinking enough water; 3 liters of water throughout the day.

5. Avoid soft drinks

I'm in my 20s and I have belly fat. It's not a lot but it's there. I decided to stop soft drinks about 3 months ago. At first I thought it was difficult so I started reducing it from once a week to once every 15 days and then once a month. Today, a month went by without me having a single soft drink. I now see a difference.

6. Exercise

Exercise is really hard at first, but it gets a lot better and a lot more enjoyable and can become a part of your life if you want. It's always good to keep your body moving, even with the simplest form of exercise, like a walk. This can really help with tightening the stomach and fat burning, especially since you're really young, so you don't need to do a lot of hard exercises to see a difference.

1. Jumping rope.

2. Cardio.

3. Running.

4. Cycling.

5. Walking for 30 minutes a day.

7. Reduce your phone time and add it to your sleep hours!

Sitting with our phones all day, not moving enough or switching off is not ideal. Try to reduce the  amount to time you spend on your phone and shut down before bed with a book or music and try to increase your sleeping hours. Sleep helps benefit your body in a lot of ways, which can help with healthy fat burning and strengthening your muscles.

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