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| by Nada Allam

How to Motivate Yourself to Workout

Do you ever motivate yourself to workout? Does your daily routine include going to work, staring at your computer then heading home to your couch and staring at your wall? Not only is that a dull repetitive process, but also it's an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. There has got to be some sort of exercise included in your day, even if it is just a walk around the block. Though the couch or hanging out with your friends may be very tempting, don't give in to that. Motivate yourself to workout by:

1. Workout buddy. It is always encouraging to workout with a friend, especially if you are thinking of skipping a workout, chances are they will nag you not to.

2. Stress relief. While escaping from the real world by watching a movie is always fun, exercise is a great way to let out all that negative energy, and an even better way to relieve yourself from stress. 

3. Sounder sleep. Instead of staring at the ceiling lost in your thoughts trying to fall asleep, clear your head through some sort of workout, you will get to sleep much better

4. Hire a personal trainer. If you are the lazy kind, then a personal trainer is exactly what you need. Someone on top of your head pushing you to reach the best of your capabilities. 

5. Challenge yourself. Make a bet with your family or even yourself that you can and will include some type of workout in your lifestyle. You don't want to be a failure in anyone's eyes. 

6. Say goodbye to your tired lazy days. No more heavy breathing after going up a flight of stairs anymore. Say hello to the more energized lifestyle, it is much better than feeling crappy and useless.

7. Set goals. Perhaps like signing up for the next marathon, that way you will push yourself to work out and train yourself to be able to enter before the deadline.

8. Turn off the screens. Social media and movies are a waste of time where you don't really gain much out of them. 

9. Fun. If you are not much of a workout person, join a zumba class, or even play tennis with a partner, do something that you will be able to enjoy. 

10. Change your mood. A simple workout is the easiest way to flip your mood from sad and depressed to energized and positive. 

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