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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Do These Things Before You Go to Bed, and You'll Sleep Feeling So Relaxed!

There’s nothing worse than going to bed with millions of thoughts rushing through your head - the good and the bad. In order to function properly in our daily lives and be productive, we need to get at least 7 hours of a good night's sleep. And for that to happen, we need to unplug our minds from any troubles, so we can de-stress and get some really good deep sleep. If you think you have a problem getting a good night's sleep, I think these little steps will help you relax so you can sleep better and rejuvenate.

1. To fall asleep fast, stay away from television and your phone, turn them off an hour before you go to bed, to disconnect your mind.

2. Dim the lights in your room an hour before you go to bed.

3. If you don’t have any breathing problems, you can either rub some lavender oil on the palm of your hands or pillow, and inhale it, or you can use an oil diffuser to spread the scent in your room. The lavender oil will help you relax before you go to sleep, which will improve your sleep quality.

4. To get a deep sleep night, read a book, preferably something that is not very relatable to real life.

5. If you want to fall asleep faster, listen to something that you like and that is calming with a low volume.

6. There are many applications that will help you relax through meditation, like "Breathe" and "HeadSpace."

7. Last but not least, you have to train your mind to go blank before you lay your head on your pillow, meditation will also help you do that.

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