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| by Nahla El Kazak

5 Ways You can Lose Weight Without Trying (For Good)

No matter what your reasons are to lose weight, losing weight and keeping it off can be quite frustrating. Not only it is challenging to lose weight in the first place, but it can be even trickier to stay on track. We’ve all been there, putting on weight, resolving to lose it, following one fad diet or another. We might in fact lose the weight but, to our disappointment, merely to gain more once we go back to our “normal” lifestyle. And that’s exactly where the problem lies.

Temporary lifestyle changes can only result in temporary weight loss. You might think that you need to turn your life upside down in order to reach the weight you always desired. The thought of no longer enjoying your favorite foods can be disheartening. But what if you can make ends meet and drop a significant number of pounds as you enjoy the life you have? Here are 5 ways you can easily do that: 

1. Start small, consistent habits make the best ones

It doesn’t really matter if you start off watching your portions, counting calories and eliminating all junk food, if you fall back a week later. Instead, you can employ tiny changes that you can hardly notice. If you drink several cups of coffee a day with full cream milk, you can opt for skim milk as a substitute. If you don’t add calories somewhere else in your diet, the calorie deficit resulting from this small change will add up day in and day out.

 2. Add Water! 

Research suggests that drinking two glasses of water before each meal can aid weight loss. It can make you feel fuller thus consuming less amounts of food. Drinking water throughout your day will keep you hydrated which can rev up your metabolism so you get to burn more calories even while resting. 

3. Eat Frequently

We’re least resistant to food temptations when we’re most hungry. Eating small regular meals during the day will prevent you from interrupting your good efforts. You’ll be less likely to over-indulge and more likely to stick to your planned courses. 

4. Share your Dessert

I know how this sounds like, but sharing a dessert doesn’t mean you’re going to get half the pleasure, just half the calories. Let’s just be brave enough to admit, calories coming from desserts are empty calories. They’re mostly nutrients free but we still crave them and that’s ok. Next time when you’re out having dinner, share your cheese cake with your friend. You’ll still feel satisfied and will feel even lighter. 

5. Keep Temptations Out

I’m what you’d call a chocolate addict. One of the most effective ways I manage to control the amount of chocolate I take in is by limiting its presence at home. It’s harder to give in to cravings for foods that aren’t readily accessible. Whatever your soft spot is, just keep it out. Stock up on healthier options, frozen yogurt in lieu of ice-cream, dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate just to give you some ideas. It’s true that this approach will take longer time to yield results compared to a strict diet. However, in the long haul, this attitude will take you farther. By time, you’ll feel encouraged to take more steps in the healthier direction.

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