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| by Sara Khalil

10 Tricks to Help You Gain Weight

This one is for all the ladies who want to gain weight! If your metabolism works a little over board burning calories instead of gaining them, we’re going to tell you 10 tips and tricks to help you gain weight, and go up a size. Other than eating more, you need to try and incorporate the following tips and tricks to help you gain weight.

1. A great trick to help you gain weight easily, is to increase your number of meals during the day. Instead of having three meals, make them six, to increase your calorie intake during the day.

2. In order to make sure you gain weight the healthy way, increase your intake of healthy foods and drinks and stay away from sodas and preservatives.

3. Food containing carbohydrates helps you gain weight without making you feel too full. So, be sure to load up on whole grains, bread, pasta, beans, vegetables and fruits like apples and bananas.

4. To gain weight means you need to build your muscles. Eating protein is a great way to strengthen your muscles, so be sure to load up on fish and meats, as they are a great way to help you gain weight.

5. Eat dessert right after your meal! Not only will it increase your intake of calories, but also it will give you an incentive to finish your main meal, as you get a delicious treat after it. 

6. The best trick to gain weight, is to eat your dinner right before you go to sleep. Since your body burns calories while you are sleeping, be sure to give it some extra ones, so as you not lose any of your initial weight. 

7. When working out, be sure to stay away from cardio exercises, as these workouts help you lose weight. Instead, opt for toning and building muscle.

8. A great trick to help you gain weight, is to always keep snacks on hand with you, that you can eat between meals.

9. Eat efficiently and effectively. Meaning, do not take an hour to finish your lunch, as your brain will register a full stomach before you are done. Eat in a good amount of time and chew your food well, to prevent any signs of indigestion.

10. In order to gain weight, make sure you do not over do it when you are working out. Make sure to workout at least two to three times a week, to keep your body in good shape, yet also allowing it a chance to gain some weight.

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