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| by Nada Allam

What a Mother Wants

If there is only one day in the year to spoil your mother, it's got to be done right. As the years go by we probably run out of ideas on what exactly to get the woman who has a lot of things, you want something new and special. In my opinion, it's the sentimental things that mean the most and are most memorable.. I think Mother's Day is our duty to fulfill all her wishes as follows

1. A reminder of her youth. 

Remind her of the good old days, where you would sit next to her as she gets ready for outings, watching her put on her lipstick and dream of the day when you will be old enough to do so. Why not invest in a vintage dress that she would love, and sit with her as she glams up? Take her out, just the two of you for a girl’s night. 

2. Seeing their pride and joy happy. 

It may sound too simple and not really a gift. However we always lean on our mothers in times of need, so imagine how it would make them feel when you take their advice and let them help you solve your problem. Coming home after work and telling her about your promotion, or calling her up the moment you have good news to share. Your happy tone will definitely make her proud, and the phone call alone will make her feel truly appreciated and special. 

3. A flash of color on their table. 

A classic but timeless gift and it guarantees a smile; a lovely bouquet of her favorite flowers to brighten up her home. Always add flowers to your gift, as  every time she passes by it, she will remember you.

4. Good Advice

Where would we be without our mothers’ great advice? Believe it or not, we have our own share of advice that they would greatly appreciate. Tips on the upcoming trends, they just love to hear that. For example, let them in on the new advanced formula for Pantene Pro-V and show them how to use the right shampoo, conditioner and of course the Oil Replacement and Hammam Cream. When they see how nourished their hair is, not only will they be thankful, but come to you for even more tips and trends.

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