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| by The Fustany Team

The Top Trending Haircuts That You Want to Try in 2019

The new year has finally arrived bringing with it all the trends we've been waiting for. One of the most important factors that strongly affect the overall look is haircuts and styles. You probably noticed since last fall that short hair were the choice of a lot of celebrities. However, you'd want to know which short hair style is the most trending, and whether any other haircut is trending or not.

Today, we brought you the answers to all of these questions, and we brought you a list of the most trending haircuts that you will definitely want to try in 2019. So have a look at these ones:

1. Short Haircuts

Short hair is the most trending cut in 2019. Not a specific length, but just a cut that will suit the face shape. If you wish to create bangs, traditional short french bangs will just be the perfect choice. Also, straight cuts are more tending than layered ones when it comes to short hairstyles, so make sure you trim the ends evenly to get that look.


2. Middle length with curtain fringe

If you have a middle length hair or your hair is long and you're not planning to cut it too short, then this choice is the best for you. Just make sure your haircut is layered, and your bangs are a bit long and curtain-shaped. French traditional short bangs will look a bit outdated for this hairstyle, so avoid shortening them.


3. Layered long hair

If you have long hair, and you don't want to let it go, you can simply layer it, adding some waves to each layer. Why layers? Because the trend this year is to give the hair a lively dynamic look. That way, you will remain stylish and at the same time keep your hair uncut.


More 2019 haircut inspirations are waiting for you down below, keep scrolling!

Main image credits: Instagram @estelanewbold

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