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| by Nada Allam

'Love Your Curls' Is the Message Behind Dove's Latest Ad Campaign

Have you seen Dove’s latest ad campaign? Well, this one is for all the curly haired girls, and the main message behind Dove’s new ad campaign is to love your curls. Being a curly haired gal myself, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Dove’s new ad campaign.

The Dove ad starts with a bunch of young girls talking about how much they wished they had straight hair instead of curly hair. And let’s face it, we all had that phase in our lives, where we thought straight hair was just the best. Not only so, it is human nature to always want what you can’t have, to have your hair just a little bit longer, or in a different color, etc.

For the longest time, sleek straight hair was a sign of beauty, while curly hair was not among the social norms at all. In fact, according to studies, most young girls think if they have straight hair they will look better, happier and they'll have more friends. Only 10 percent of adult women feel proud of their curly hair, and 70 percent of women feel the need to to do about something about their curls. This is where the Dove ad campaign steps in, revealing a very important issue; positive social change.

Meaning, women can influence one another. Research shows if you tell a girl her curls are beautiful, she is more likely to love her hair. Not that you should depend on others to love and embrace your curls, but it is a fact that your surroundings affect your views on things. Dove’s latest ad campaign is trying to add that positive social norm to society with a video trying to help women and girls feel more confident about their appearances.

While there are all sorts of criticism revolving around Dove’s new ad campaign, ‘Love Your Curls’, it is simply a commercial reminding women about self-acceptance, and how to feel great about themselves. So ladies, love your curls, and just enjoy watching Dove’s new ad campaign. The cute little kids alone and the happy song are bound to put a smile on your face!

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