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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

9 Cool Ways to Wear Sweaters During Your Winter Pregnancy

Staying warm and looking stylish during your winter pregnancy seems like an impossible mission. Your'r probably wondering, how can I dress up during your pregnancy without maternity clothes. What if I told you that you can you look your best with what you already have? All you need is your favorite sweater and you'll be looking super stylish during your winter pregnancy, and we'll show you 9 maternity outfit ideas for sweaters.  

So, how to dress during pregnancy in the winter with your sweater? 

1. How to wear your sweater with a skirt during pregnancy

Pairing your favorite sweater with a skirt is definitely a really cool way to wear your sweater during your pregnancy. If you want to wear an oversized sweater then go for a tight pencil skirt. 


Image Credits: Instagram @thefashionbugblog

2. Sweater dresses during your winter pregnancy is a must have

We know that pregnant mommies love wearing dresses, they're so comfy and breathable. In winter, wearing a sweater dresses will be your new favorite thing. They'll also make your baby bump look so cute.


Image Credits:Hilary Sullivan Blog

3. Accessorize your sweater with belts for a cute maternity outfit idea

With jumpers, sweaters or sweater dresses a belt can help give more shape and definition to your look, especially if you want to show your bump.


Image Credits: Southern Curls and Pearls

4. Maternity outfit idea for a night out with your favorite sweater

The ideal look for a night out with your significant other. A chic sweater paired with a skirt and knee-high boots because they're in. Perfect for a date night out while also being extremely comfortable.


Image Credits: Pinterest

5. Oversized sweater with jeans for maternity winter wear

The most basic maternity winter outfit is the oversized sweater and jeans look. Since oversized is a trend that here is to stay, so everywhere you look you'll find an oversized sweater. 

How to wear your sweaters during pregnancy

Image Credits: ASOS

6. Matching sweater set 

If you're want to look stylish when pregnant, then the matching sweater set is a must have. This is also a trend that has been on fire. This look is super comfortable for your pregnancy, and all the stores are carrying the sweater loungewear maternity set. Pair it with your favorite pair of sneakers and a coat and you'll look fab. 


Image Credits: Love Style Mindfulness

7. A sweater dress with a long cardigan 

As we said above your maternity winter wear is just not complete without a sweater dress. We recommend pairing it with sneakers and a long cardigan for a cute maternity outfit. 


Image Credits: Pinterest

8. Cropped Sweater vest look for a 2020 winter maternity look

If you haven't noticed, cropped vests are a thing this winter. So, if you're rocking a bump this winter, update your pregnancy style with a cropped sweater vest. Pair it with a chic oversized shirt under it and voila you're rocking a maternity outfit 2021 style. 


Image Credits: Shop Ltk

9. Cute Maternity Sweater with your overalls 

You cannot let your winter pregnancy style go by without rocking a pair of overalls. Pair it with your favorite sweaters and make sure it's a bold color so you can look oh so chic. 


Image Credits: Instagram @thefashionbugblog

Main Image Credits: Instagram @thefashionbugblog

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