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| by Mai Atef

The Cutest Really Easy Hairstyle Ideas for Kids by the Beach

A lot of families are now preparing to head to the beach for the Eid holiday and while a vacation is a relaxing thing, your kids' hair by the beach can be a little stressful. We know you're out there looking for the best hairstyle ideas for kids by the beach. So here are some ideas for easy kids hairstyles for straight and curly hair.

The bun is known to be everyone's number 1 choice for little girls, especially because you can style it different ways, whether by accessorizing with clips or by having two small buns, one on each side. You can also make it look cuter by adding a small braid to one side for the beach.

Braids are so cute and easy. So don't forget about them this summer, they will contain the frizz, not bother them while they're swimming and make them look so incredibly cute. You can also get really creative with braids and try out different things. 

A ponytail is kids classic. It is the quickest and easiest way to get their hair out of their face. If your kid is a little patient, you can also add cute tiny braids in front or make her two pigtails so she can run around in the sand carefree with her ponytails bouncing behind her.

Take a look below at some beach hairstyle ideas for kids for your Eid vacation:

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