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| by The Fustany Team

Christiane Hajjar: Healthy Hair is the Root of Success

In this interview with Lebanese image consultant, Christiane Hajjar, we tap into the tips that will help you achieve the best first impression, beautiful hair as well as copying the latest from the runways.

1.  You’ve been an image consultant for 10 years now. What do you think are the most important elements in our look that influence the impression we leave on people?

We all care about our image and invest time and money on taking care of our appearance. The most important elements are: skin, hair, nails, colors we wear, style, and at a later stage: self-confidence, attitude and body language. And as we say, we never get the chance to make a second first impression!

2.  In a very busy and fast-moving lifestyle, women are turning from the stylish to the more pragmatic. What’s your take on this? And do you encourage women to find their ‘me-time’?

No matter how busy or fast-moving a woman’s lifestyle, she needs to still care about her well-being and self-confidence through her femininity and style! I certainly encourage and coach my clients to find their “me-time”, even if that meant through just laying back and indulging in a hair mask or a manicure.

3.  How important is it for women to look after their hair and skin health as a recipe for a better look?

No matter what a woman wears or does for her appearance, if she doesn’t look after her hair and skin health she will not be at her best! Healthy hair and skin are the base of an impeccable image and self-confidence. Women often encounter interruptions caused by dandruff and itch. This is why I highly recommend using Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner with eucalyptus extract because it relieves the scalp from itch, instantly. With its mild effect on the scalp, it will leave hair refreshed and looking healthy and beautiful.

4.  What is some of the beauty advice you would give to an Egyptian woman, specifically?

Looking your best will bring out the best in you, and make you feel good about yourself. My advice for women is to wear the most complementary colors and style that suit her, wearing the right colors acquire a unique glow to the skin. Go for colors that suit you the best in clothes and makeup and find what suits your figure in style, line and design. For a woman to look in harmony with her inner beauty, she should reassess her outer beauty too. Remember that the style you wear should be appropriate for your personality, age, for the occasion and for your body shape. To develop style means to love and accept ourselves, and our body, by dressing to enhance our image, by wearing what suits our body type, our height and our age. Be yourself in the way you dress, wear your style with confidence, have a confident feminine image, finish your look with makeup, wear accessories for a polished look and conclude your look by wearing a smile, which is the best and most flattering accessory anyone can have. 

5.  What are hair care dont’s that you would warn us about?

Women often take their hair for granted, thinking that it can later be styled to look beautiful. But this is wrong! Committing yourself to using the right products and following a healthy regimen is crucial: start with shampoo and conditioner with every wash, then follow it through by using the Hammam Cream at least once a week. Having tried Head and Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care Hammam Cream, I felt refreshed, especially that eucalyptus particularly helps in calming down the scalp, which is otherwise stressed due to the hot weather, pollution and daily pressure.

6.  What is the one beauty or hair related tip that you swear by?

Hair is certainly the secret to an attractive, fresh look! To help achieve this level of freshness, I highly recommend following a good hair care regimen suitable for your hair type.

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